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Dremel Malaysia

Who is Dremel Malaysia Dot com

Dremel Malaysia (www.dremelmalaysia.com) acts as the authorized dealer of Dremel tools and accessories in Malaysia. We carry full range of Dremel tools including the most famous Dremel 3000, Dremel 4000 and Dremel 8200.

DremelMalaysia.com also carry full range of Dremel accessories including cutting, grinding, polishing and more to complete your D.I.Y or professional projects.

DremelMalaysia.com not only selling products, it shares videos of products and tutorial of making craft with Dremel tools and accessories. We hope the introducing of Dremel products in Malaysia will bring more choices to D.I.Y fans and professional users.

To order from DremelMalaysia.com simply press the “add to cart” button and fill in your details. DremelMalaysia.com accept PayPal and credit card. You can also pay us through Bank transfer.

Do not hesitate to send us inquiries if you have any questions regarding Dremel products.

Dremel Malaysia